TFBA Awards

2012 TFBA Award Winners: Best Appetizer to Best Hamburger

The votes have been tallied, and we are proud to announce the winners of the inaugural Tallahassee Food Bloggers Association Awards! Tonight the winners in the first twenty categories, from best appetizer to best hamburger, will be unveiled. Without further adieu, the envelope please!

*Tearing sound*

And the winners are:

Best Appetizer:

Clusters & Hops – Panini

Best Asian Restaurant:


Best Bakery:

The Cake Shop

Best Bar:

5th Ave Taproom

Best BBQ:

Piggy’s BBQ

Best Breakfast:

Angelette’s Cajun Kitchen

Best Brunch:


Best Cajun Restaurant:

Angelette’s Cajun Kitchen

Best Casual Dining:

Kool Beanz Cafe

Best Catering:

Klassic Katering

Best Cocktail:

Avenue Eat & Drink

Best Coffee Shop


Best Cuban Restaurant:

Black Bean Cafe

Best Deli:


Best Dessert:

Food Glorious Food

Best Fine Dining:


Best Food Truck:

Sir Cheezy

Best French Fries:

Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Best Greek/Mediterranean:

Sahara Greek & Lebanese Cafe

Best Hamburger:

Ted’s Montana Grill

The winners of the were determined based upon the votes of local Tallahassee food bloggers. Those voting in this year’s awards were Cook the Blog; Ermahgerd, Mershed Perderders!; gingermantra; Somewhat Gourmet; Sweet Tea & Bourbon; Tasty Tallahassee; and Two in Tally.

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6 thoughts on “2012 TFBA Award Winners: Best Appetizer to Best Hamburger

  1. While I may not agree with each choice personally, I do appreciate the procedure you guys used to determine the winners. It is much better than the typical way these things are done in town ($$$$ or whoring). Looking forward to seeing the rest of the winners. Keep up the good work.

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